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WTP Fundraising plan


Sometimes I feel like the press in the United States of American is on snooze. There's a very minor headline today about the fact that Bush is letting fundraisers sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom.


This is the same sh*t they were all over Clinton about in the 1996 and 2000 elections. Somehow it's okay, though, because they're Republican fund-raisers. Okay, Shrub-o. That makes it all better. Not.

This is B.S.
I'm tired of politicians trying to hide their patrons and influences and mask their fundraising behind dinners and power-meetings and crap. I vote that the WildTurkeyParty host drinking parties for fundraising. We'll sell body shots off the Executive Branch candidates. That way there can be no confusing what's being offered to our loyal patrons. Lick it. Slam it. Suck it. Photos of the party will be provided to all media. Hell, even better - we'll webcast the damn things. We're a transparent organization. You want to buy influence in the WTP? Saddle up to the bar.
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