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The dumbing-down of the revolution.

[some thoughts by jabber]
I agree with Frederick Douglas. "Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!" If the protest does not upset the system, it becomes just a part of the status quo process.

It's good to stand up and be counted, and I was very impressed to see the protest march the day before the RNC last over three hours. But the revolution was televised, and I eventually switched away and watched West Wing instead.

Sadly, people only complain when they're truly inconvenienced, and by then their means to affect a difference are sorely curtailed. It's gotten so that the only legitimate forms of protest are controlled, encapsulated, and isolated from being truly effective.

Which is sort of the point in the first place. Agitation is against the rules of convention, and it's getting so that it is practically against the law. When the Right to petition the government for a redress of grievances is rendered impotent, drastic, illegal, and even violent means are all that remain. There is precedent, but we're not longer an agrarian society and so things become, well, inconvenient.

To wit, Douglas's agitation is but a step shy of what is today considered "terrorism". Quite the end-run around the First Amendment, that one.
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