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More WTP Pimping @ Salon

[Letter to the Editor, in response to Mr. Virtue Craps Out.]

Joan Walsh asks, while skewering Bill Bennett: "What happened to the libertarian wing of the Republican Party? What happened to the Goldwaters, the freedom-loving heirs of Jefferson, the dauntless defenders of the rights of the individual against a coercive, moralizing state?"

We formed our own party, thanks. http://www.wildturkeyparty.org

There are a lot of thoughtful, insightful political commentary sites out there that espouse precisely the kind of political philosophy Ms. Walsh is yearning for - Fran Porretto's Palace of Reason [http://palaceofreason.com] comes most immediately to mind.

There are a lot of people sick to death of politics and hypocrisy as usual, and we're as tired of the liberal/democrat whining as we are of the conservative/republican demagoguery, and feel that an honest-to-whatever third option, free of any Naderish tint and the well-meaning but ultimately mediapathic Ross Perot is, as Martha Stewart would say, A Good Thing.

Here ends the self-promotion. Just remember, in 2008, Salon heard of us first.
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