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An Update from the WTP

Greeting Politically Debauched Citizens. We here at the WTP have been very busy recovering from a rousing Convergence success. Many new members were initiated! Many drinks were served!

We would also like to announce a line-up change. niugnep has agreed to act as our Campaign Manager for the 2008 run for President. We are looking forward to seeing what trouble he can get us into and how much hell he can raise on 'Crossfire' going head to head with Carville, For those not familiar, niugnep was the mastermind behind the 'Freedom Quarter' putsch in Nola. So, anyway.. a ROUSING welcome to our new Campaign Manager.

*looks around*
Hey! Why isn't our Campaign Manager in this community?!

Also, we here at the WTP are never resting on our laurels. Soon we will announce the first annual Wild Turkey PARTY CAUCUS to be held in Nola during the dog days of Summer. Never say we don't suffer for our constituents. The 1st caucus will be largely an affair of platform writing, embarrassing photo ops, resurrection of Fred and other important party matters. Details to follow under separate cover.
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